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What we have is small - just 5 acres - but it's enough to raise a few goats, some chickens, some sheep, a retired horse, a guardian llama, dogs, and cats. We also spend some time experimenting with different gardening methods.

Our animals provide us with milk, eggs, fiber, and entertainment.

Our gardens provide us with herbs, vegetables, and soon, a few fruits.

You can find out about our critters and the garden on the farm pages, or check for updates in our blog posts.


We've been making things by hand for a long, long time. Jeanette started when she was 8 and her grandmother taught her to crochet. Elena started, basically, at birth. Shawn has been drawing and sketching and whittling as long as he can remember.

Today, Shawn and Elena spend most of their days making award winning brooms at the Ozark Folk Center State Park and their evenings puttering on woodworking products in their home shop.

Jeanette still weaves and crochets and exhibits her products at the Arkansas Craft Guild.


Shawn's been a geek and a nerd since long before being a geek and nerd was considered a good thing. He's tinkered with computers and gadgets as long as he can remember.

Somewhere along the way, he learned to code and design.

These days, after all the handicrafting is done, he likes to settle down and unwind in his easy chair with his laptop, his iGadgets, his 'Droid tablet - well, gadgets all over the place, really - and design websites. He's done work for local individuals, businesses and state agencies, too.

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