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Posted by on Nov 22, 2013 in Brooms, Featured, Fiber Arts, Meanderings, Websites |

Apologies and updates

Apologies and updates

An apology

I am terribly embarrassed. It seems that I have not written a post since June 8! By now, I’m guessing that most folks are assuming that I’ve gone off and got myself lost in the Ozarks and they’ve recalled the search parties…

That’s not the case. I’m still here. However, it has been a rough ride the past few months…

Not that a rough ride is any excuse for not writing.

At any rate, I’m sorry.

Past tense

Oh, and there’s a lot of this news stuff to share. In fact, any sane person would write several posts. That rather rules me out, though doesn’t it?

Without burdening you, though, here’s the news in a nutshell…

  • The family is coming together part 1!

Due to a tragic fire in Black Forest, Colorado, I now have my mother- and father-in-law living in Mountain View! We’re happy to have them here!

  • The family is coming together part 2!

After about 10 years in the rat-race, my step-son, Arjuna, decided to return to his roots and is now living near Mountain View! He’s been shanghai… er… welcomed into the the fold and can often be found working in the broom shop or at the Arkansas Craft Guild Gallery.

  • We’re #1! Again!

Last year, Monahan Partners put together a craft broom competition at Arcola, Illinois Broomcorn Festival. We entered and were awarded 1st and 4th. This year we entered and were awarded 1st and 2nd (flip to page 55)!

  • We’ve welcomed some new folks! And, we’ve been welcomed at new locations, too!
    • John Morrow has taken over as the Superintendent at the Ozark Folk Center State Park
    • The Park also has a (kinda – he was actually named to the position quite a while ago) new music director in the person of Darin Dortin
    • Copper Colorists have come to the park and to me, personally, as web clients – I look forward to working with them.
    • Clancey Ferguson, the Princess of Bluegrass, has been at the Park for years, but she’s coming to me for some web work, too!
    • Our brooms are now available at Bakersville (Baker Creek Seed Company’s Home Town – literally), at the Museum of the Arkansas Grand Prairie in Stuttgart, Arkansas, and Woolly Hollow State Park.

Current Events

Right now, aside from carrying on a conversation with Lena, comparing new banners and business cards, and typing one handed while eating pizza (and multi-tasking), we’re building a new booth for the 2013 Arkansas Craft Guild’s Christmas Showcase, making brooms, updating websites, working on an astonishing number of crochet hook orders (I never knew they were that popular until I stopped taking orders for a while – when I started again, I was flooded!), doing chores, Jeanette and Arjuna are working on a stage production of “It’s a purt near wunderful life” for the annual Christmas Feast at the Ozark Folk Center, spinning and weaving… y’know… life…