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Crochet Hooks

Crochet Hooks

I’m no great shakes at crochet. I can whip out a few ugly stitches if I have to. If you want to see crochet, talk to Jeanette or my Mother. Oh, My! Detailed and even and pretty!

But I can work wood.

Back in 2005, I started making the occasional spindle, then more and more items were requested. Among those requests was a crochet hook, and I tried. I really did. When I look back on that first crude thing I almost cry… or laugh… or both.

But Jeanette, my number one fan and motivator, was there and she tried it out and made suggestions for improvements.

Years later, I’m getting comments like these. I also have several customers that have collected just about one of every hook I make and ask for more.

If that doesn’t make you feel appreciated, nothing will.


I don’t make my hooks like anyone else (that I’ve seen). Those that I have seen have either looked like they were modeled after Capt. Hook’s missing hand or like a blunted stick or maybe a blunted knitting needle with a 45-degree notch cut into it. Once the hook has been carved or cut, the wood is then hidden under a coat of polyurethane or lacquer or paint or worse. Some of the wooden hooks I’ve seen out there aren’t even made to size! Instead, they are made with stock dowels and a new size has been given to them… good luck with your patterns!

Laffing Horse crochet hooks are carved with a point so starting another row is not an ordeal. And the hooks have a slightly longer nose and a smooth, tapered throat that allows the yarn to just glide. Finally, the crochet hooks are finished with natural oils and beeswax so you can feel the wood, and the hooks are easier to care for. Beeswax finishes may mar, but they never chip or flake. Each hook is also carefully checked for gauge. Lastly, Laffing Horse crochet hooks are a little longer then the standard six-inch hook found in craft stores… we find that a little extra length can make all the difference in the world when it comes to comfortable crocheting.