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Posted by on Feb 17, 2014 in Brooms, Cooking, Farm, Featured, Meanderings |

Spring is time for planting gardens

Spring is time for planting gardens

And making brooms… Of course, I think anytime is fine for making brooms. And apparently I like cooking… who knew? And now I want to garden some, too…

It almost looked like winter was over today. The temperature soared into the 50s and the melt was pretty impressive. Jeanette and Lena were working with the sheep and goats shearing while Arjuna tried to create trenches to keep the runoff moving… our fields turn into swamps for a very brief period in the spring.

Me, I stayed inside and cooked… I baked a double batch of sourdough cookies and a double batch of sourdough cheesy biscuits and mocha wacky cake. I also bottled 12 (6 green and 6 black) 16+ounce bottles of kombucha and made 3 32-ounce bottles of ginger bug tea (2 ginger peach and 1 sassafras). Then I started up 2 batches of sourdough bread. One batch will be made into traditional boules. The other will be made into a pull-apart loaf and a cinnamon roll loaf.

But I said this was about gardens, right? It is! All the baking is a way of saying thank you to the wonderful gardeners and herbalists at the Ozark Folk Center State Park. They’ve offered to let me tag along to the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show this week and sell my brooms to the hundreds of folks that will be there visiting the gardens and shopping for their 2014 gardens.

Broom Making in progress

Students work on their turkey wing brooms during a 3 hour hands-on class held as part of a valentine’s Day retreat package at the Ozark Folk Center State Park

We’ve got the booth that we designed for Christmas Showcase that we never got to use and they are going to incorporate it into their booth there. I even got to design some new banners for the booth for ’em. And I have brooms! Lots and lots of beautiful brooms in all sizes and shapes and styles – I’ll be making more while I’m there as I’m bringing a table to demonstrate on, too. Just to make sure I wasn’t to rusty, I taught a class last week and had two very happy students leave with two very nice turkey wings (pssst… Ozark Folk School is coming up soon, too).

Perhaps you’ll see this and look me up at the show. I might still have a cookie left!

Speaking of events – and of cookies, sort of – I’ve been working on several events. I’ve been named manager of the Artisans Market on the Square craft show… That’s going well. I’ve been slowly picking up steam on Sweep In 2014. I’ve finished a massive set of revisions to the Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour website and brought it back online. And, I’ve been thinking about teaching a 1-day cooking class in making your own soda using ginger-bug. I’d love to hear your feedback on that idea…