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Cake Tester & Pot Scrubber Brooms

Pot Scrubber

The Pot Scrubber broom is the perfect broom or brush for scrubbing your cast iron skillets and dutch ovens. They’re about 4 inches in length, bound tightly with wire and wrapped with jute or sisal twine to give you a good grip. They also work great for scrubbing spots in carpets or scrubbing the dirt from a pair of boots or shoes. Great for the kitchen at home or to pack with your camp cookware when you go to the deep woods. You can get these wet, but they must be hung up to dry after.

Cake Tester

The traditional way to tell if a cake is done. How do I know this? My grandmother did it. Not enough proof for you? I’ve got a cookbook (Ideal Cooking) published in 1902 that specifically says to test a cake, insert a broom straw. If the straw comes out clean the cake is done. If it’s sticky, keep on baking. My cake testers are about 6 inches in length, bound with wire and plaited with stalk or reed. Why so long? So you can test cornbread or muffins and not burn your fingertips! Even if you never break a piece off to use as a cake tester, it’s a wonderful, unique, functional decoration to add to your kitchen.

I’ve recently added a return policy to the cake tester brooms. Simply bring back the stub that’s left when you’ve used all the straws along with the last cake you tested and I’ll give you a new one.

No one’s taken me up on the offer, yet, but I’m hopeful.

P.S. I really like carrot cake