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Kitchen and Parlor Brooms

Happy customer with a new kitchen broom

Happy customer with a new kitchen broom.

When people think “broom”, this style is what they normally think about. The same length and width as many store-bought “corn-brooms”, but with some very notable, important differences:

A. More broomcorn.

B. All grade 1 broomcorn hurl – there are no lower-quality filler fibers involved

C. Beautiful, select Ozark hardwood handle instead of an aluminum tube or pine dowel.

D. Our brooms are double bound. We bind the entire broom once with stout 17 ga. galvanized wire, then bind it again with twine and reed or stalk to protect and tighten the wires underneath.

E. “Beautiful!” That’s the comment we hear most often when people look at our kitchen brooms. Our selective use of color, along with the braid or plait, and the beautiful hardwood handle makes for a broom that can be displayed as art, and used daily.

We use more than a pound of broomcorn and bind it to a 42 inch handle in 7 layers to create the kitchen brooms. The parlor brooms use a little less broomcorn (around 3/4 pound) on a smaller handle (36 inches) because not everyone needs a big broom.