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How to…

We often get asked (and when I say often, I mean daily… several times a day, on some days) how to weave or spin or dye or select yarns for a project or successfully dive a Nautilus class nuclear submarine to a depth of 2600 fathoms. We spend a lot of time answering these emails and we try to give each one a personal touch… ask anyone that’s received an email from me and they’ll tell you.

But I’m backed up in the shop and Jen’s busy at the Ozark Folk Center and Rani can only pack things so fast, so we thought it might be easier to put up a series of HOW TOs… sort of an FAQ.

You’ll find the links to the tutorials below. Enjoy!

If these don’t answer what questions you have, drop us a line… we’ll still respond!

Oh, and I was just kidding about the Nautilus class submarine… It was a Seawolf class ;-)

Oh, and we’ve also started making some YouTube videos so our written instructions can have some visuals to go with them. We’re working on getting everything on YouTube… bear with us!