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Posted by on Sep 4, 2014 in Brooms, Featured, Meanderings |

I must need more RAM!

I must need more RAM!

That has nothing to do with sheep. I mean Random Access Memory. I seem to be suffering from memory errors here lately, and my diagnostic software hasn’t been updated in a while and so doesn’t catch the errors. At least that’s the excuse I’m going to hold to through this post. I figure it’s easier to say that than it would be to explain that it’s been quite¬†hot at the Ozark Folk Center, but we’re soldiering on, and that we have been horribly busy filling online orders based in part on Facebook posts, shipping brooms off to the Arcola Broom Corn Festival‘s Annual Art Broom Competition, building brooms and gearing up for the Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour, and updating websites for upcoming events like Artisans Market on the Square at Bean Fest.

See what I mean?

Oh, and I may also have a problem with rambling…

What was I saying?

Right! I’m getting forgetful!

A few days ago – maybe a week – a charming visitor asked me to email a write-up about our Riverboat Whisk. I promised I would and took down the email, and wrote up the document and now I can’t, for the life or me, find the email. I feel terrible! She’s out there waiting on an email that may never come, and I’m alternating between scratching my head and looking bewildered, kinda like a bearded Stan Laurel and tearing the place apart looking for any scrap of paper that might have an email address on it.

Which brings me to a second note.

I found email addresses… several… attached to receipts for Cake Tester Brooms and for Pot Scrubber Brooms and Silking Whisks. All of them written down for the sole purpose of sending the email address’ owner a write-up about the broom they had purchased.

And I’m wondering if I did it or not…

Oh, I could play the blame game! I could… I used to have all of my files stored in iCloud and readily accessible from my iPhone or iPad, and I could send the email with the attached document handily converted to a PDF file all a few simple taps and swipes. No remembering needed. However, I made the mistake of listening to my stepson and daughter about the benefits of using Android and gave my iPhone to my wife, loaned my iPad to my in-laws and bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. There might be some matching functionality there, but I ain’t finding it yet…

So rather than playing the blame game, I have decided to create a new page under the How-To heading of this website with all the documents available for folks to download whenever they want. Look for it soon!

I promise I won’t forget.