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Posted by on Mar 22, 2014 in Brooms, Featured |

Sweep In Plans finalized!

Sweep In Plans finalized!

Before I begin rattling on about the plans, I think I should take a moment and talk about who Sweep In is for. Is it for professional broom makers that have been making brooms all their lives? Yes. Is it for novice broom makers just starting out? Yes. Is it for people that have never thought about broom making ever in their entire lives? Absolutely!

The purpose of Sweep In, in a nutshell, is to bring people together from all walks and all areas and share info and techniques and skills and tips about broom making. It’s a lot of fun, and it is, unfortunately a dying art.

There, I said it… Now…┬áIt’s taken a lot of time and energy and calls all across the country, but I think Sweep In is finally ready for registrations to begin…

Actually, registration has been going on for about a week, but I finally got the associated pages finished! Now you can browse all the Class Session and mini bios about all the teachers on the Sweep In website, too.

It’s not too late! If you’re not registered, register NOW! These classes have limited space…

Oh, and I’ve incorporated some pictures of the products as well!


Robert with his new dustpan design

Dan with a relief carving

Dan with a relief carving


Some of Leesa’s Turkey Wing Brooms


Some of Leesa’s Cobweb Brooms


Some of Wayne’s Kickwound Brooms


One of Shawn’s Tying Tables

Broomcorn Dyed

Dyed broomcorn