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The Llama

Pequena, the llama, gives Jeanette kisses

Pequena, the llama, gives Jeanette kisses

We had dairy goats, horses, and chickens, and, at night… way off in the distance and sometimes not so far off in the distance… coyotes. We had dogs, but it’s a time consuming process getting the dogs out of the house and to the scene of the crime.

Suffice it to say we spent a lot of time worrying about the critters outdoors and a lot of time researching the best way to keep ’em protected. Some said dogs, some said donkeys, some said llamas. You read that right… llamas.

While we were debating, a local boy who had purchased a couple llamas for one reason or another and decided that they were more than he bargained for, offered them to us for $25. Not $25 each… just $25. Of course, we bought them. Named ’em Yoda (because of his lop-eared look) and Butterscotch (because of his coloring), and brought them home.

Turns out the books were right: Llamas are great guardians. And they produce fiber, too.