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Shawn and Jeanette met while working at a 7-state regional agricultural newspaper. Jeanette was the editor and Shawn the graphic designer and tech geek nerd person. People that have worked in the publishing industry will tell you that there is a condition – ink in the veins – that will never quite allow you to leave.

It’s true.

Jeanette and Shawn now have the farm and their crafts, but they still get the occasional urge to write a story or design a graphic. To take care of that urge, Shawn builds and hosts and designs websites for local artisans, businesses, and organizations. Since this is not his primary business, he’s VERY affordable.

He’s also aware that he can’t do it all – and who would want to, really? So once a year, he teaches a class in web design at Ozarka College through the Arkansas Craft School.

Take a look at some of the sites he’s responsible for…


And, of course, the site you’re currently reading… but Shawn will be the first to tell you that this site often suffers from the shoemaker’s kids syndrome. He’s also quick to point out that he is responsible for the design of these sites, but the content is another matter, altogether.

Here are some of his student’s sites: